Why Trulicity Could Be A Truly Dreadful Diabetes Drug

| November 27, 2014

This is certainly turning out to be a bumper year for new diabetes drugs, which seem to be getting approved at an unprecedented rate.  The latest one is called Trulicity, a once-a-week injection from Eli Lilly and Co, which has been fast-tracked onto both the American and European markets, despite serious concerns over its safety.

Trulicity sounds like a character from a Julie Andrews musical and your brain will unconsciously associate the name with truth, simplicity and felicity (happiness). But a spoonful of sugar won’t make this very nasty medicine go down. It comes with an FDA ‘black box’ warning about its risks of medullary thyroid cancer and other thyroid tumours, while very similar drugs have previously been linked with acute pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.

Trulicity’s generic name is dulaglutide and it belongs to a class of drugs called GLP-1 receptor agonists that already includes exenatide (Byetta), liraglutide (Victoza) and albiglutide (Tanzeum). Also known as ‘incretin mimics’ – synthetic versions of a natural body chemical that inhibits the release of glucose from your liver into your blood stream – they work in the same way as another closely-related group of drugs called DPP-4 inhibitors.

All of these drugs have a history of adverse side effects and serious health risks. As I wrote here, people taking Byetta or the DPP-4 inhibitor sitagliptin (Januvia) are twice as likely as those taking other kinds of diabetes medication to find themselves in hospital with acute pancreatitis, a condition that can lead to deadly pancreatic cancer. Tanzeum comes with warnings of thyroid C-cell tumours, acute pancreatitis and kidney damage, while Victoza also carries a warning of pancreatitis and has been associated with an increased risk of thyroid tumours.

Trulicity itself already has that black box warning in the USA for thyroid cancer. Because it was approved on the basis of just five small clinical trials (less than is usual for this kind of drug), the FDA has required the manufacturer to carry out a further five ‘post-marketing studies’, including an assessment of cardiovascular risks in people with type 2 diabetes. In the EU a so-called ‘pharmacovigilance plan’ will be implemented to educate doctors about the serious risks associated with Trulicity and to monitor reported side effects. So in fact the real safety testing is only just about to start.

Why, you may ask, is this potentially dangerous drug being rushed onto the market when there are still so many question marks over its safety? One reason could be the growing number of lawsuits being filed in the US against the makers of the very similar drugs Byetta, Victoza and Januvia, which are likely to start going to trial next year. Perhaps Eli Lilly and Co hopes to benefit from adverse judgements against its competitors, or perhaps it just wants to rake in its share of the profits before this whole class of medications is recognised as being highly unsafe.

Aside from the serious risks mentioned above, common adverse events reported during the clinical trials of Trulicity were nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and suppressed appetite. One has to admire the inventiveness of the Eli Lilly PR people in putting a positive spin on these unpleasant side effects – aiding weight loss is one of the highlighted benefits of the drug!

A natural and risk-free alternative

So, if your doctor offers you the convenience of a simple weekly injection of Trulicity, my advice is not to touch it with a bargepole. The same goes for any of the other similar drugs I have mentioned here. But there is one very safe and effective GLP-1 agonist available, even if your doctor won’t be able to prescribe it for you – it’s called berberine. A recent study showed that one of berberine’s modes of action against diabetes (and it appears to have several) is identical to that of drugs like Trulicity.1

As I explained here, berberine, which is a natural plant chemical found in a few specific herbs, could control your blood sugar as effectively as diabetes drugs. Instead of the unwanted or dangerous side effects associated with synthetic GLP-1 agonists, it also comes with the added benefits of reducing blood pressure, lowering LDL cholesterol levels and inhibiting both inflammation and fat storage.

Unfortunately, Trulicity won’t be the last ‘wonder’ drug for diabetes that we hear about. On the basis of animal study results, scientists believe that the current blood pressure medication verapamil may have the potential to reverse type 1 diabetes and are planning a clinical trial to assess its effects in human subjects. I’ll tell you more about this in my next blog post.

Wishing you the best of health,

Martin Hum
PhD DHD Nutritionist
for Real Diabetes Truth

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1. Zhang Q, Xiao X1, Li M, Li W, Yu M, Zhang H, Ping F, Wang Z, Zheng J. Berberine moderates glucose metabolism through the GnRH-GLP-1 and MAPK pathways in the intestine. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2014; 14:188.

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Testimonials are based on the personal experience of individuals. Results are not typical and the potential benefits of taking any drug or supplement may vary depending on your individual needs and health requirements. Please consult your GP before making any changes to your medical regimen.

  1. Richard Martinez says:

    This is August 11, 2017. I started taking Trulicity about 8 weeks ago. Since then I have had, morning stomach upset and diarrhea on a daily basis. My hunger in the mornings and afternoon has all but diminished. Now I have noticed that for the last 2 weeks I have had darken urine, the color brown of dark iced tea. Once in that time the urine looked kind of like red. And pain on my right waist level side and right back side. I called my doctor who recommended that I take a blood test to determine if my kidneys were working fine. I had been taking Humalog 3 times a day before I took Trulicity and my endocrinologist had me discontinue those injections. Can this be a side affect of taking Trulicity?

  2. Kristy wachs says:

    What a great web site. I have been taking all these drugs for the last 8 years. With very little side effects. My husband and I started the keto plans in February. Haven’t lost much weight but noticed the heart burn went away. I missed a injection about 3 weeks ago and decided just to stop. Since being on the keto my eating habits have definitely changed. Going to my doctor Monday. But wondering if anyone else has done this. I felt really good the first 2 weeks noticing I’m getting sensitive to the sugar levels. I have alway been able to tell when my levels were high or low. And yes I should have talked to my doctor before I did this. I have insulin resistance. My sugar levels so far are 95 to 155. Which is great. I am 56 and female.

  3. Kevn says:

    I am having lots of side effcts… after taking it the first time I had bad gas and stomach pain within 3-4 days stayed in bed for a full day +, then got much better I lost 20lb in 5 weeks with little side effects. I am now on week 12-13 and have lost a total of 28-30lbs.
    ( but have the worst tasting burps ever all the time if I eat)
    The last two weeks I have bad Diarrhea and stomach cramps like food poison, as long as I dont eat im just ok but hard to not eat when blood suger gets 78-80 feel light headed, does anyone else have this and does anyone know if the other meds are the same or different…

  4. Susan says:

    Can trulicity stop working. The fist 2 months worked great. Now my sugar is higher than ever

  5. Leanna says:

    In November 2016 I suffered extreme pain in my abdomen, non stop diarrhea and vomiting that was mostly blood. I was taken to the ER and coded there due to loss of blood. I had an Xray which showed that an stem of the aortic which supplied the duodenal head and pancreas burst (Abdominal Aneurysm), filling my abdomen with blood (what was dx as AAA) I had been given an emergency surgery to put a stent in the artery to stop the blood loss. I just discovered this board while researching the drug Trulicity since I was given this for my diabetes 2, I was on for several months and went off of it due to the stomach pain. I wonder if this is what made this happen to me?

  6. Samuel Richardson says:

    I started Trulicity a week ago. 0 side effects unless u count decreased appetite as a side effect. I am an overeater and trulicity seems to help with this. However this is the only drug i am taking for diabetes. Humoglobin was too much my BG would crash or do nothing. The trulicity is helping me address my food problem: portion sizes.
    Ive already lost 5 pounds.
    The side effects seemed scary until i read the study results a little more closely.

  7. Robert Orr says:

    I have been on Trulicity for over 2 years and generally I have suffered with nausea, vomiting & diarrhea being the main side effects. On the occasions that this has occurred the severity has varied along with the length of time that I have it (anything from 3 to 8 days)On this last occasion I spoke with my Endocrinologist who told me that if the nausea lasted for more than 2 days then it was not the Trulicity causing it. My question is for those people who suffer with nausea after taking Trulicity what is the length of time you have this side effect.

    • Editorial Team says:

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that Trulicity is affecting you badly. Nausea is one of the most widely reported side effects of this drug, so we are not sure where your Endocrinologist gets his/her facts from. In addition, nausea lasting for more than 2 days is a sure sign that something is wrong and the first point of investigation for any good doctor is to ask what medication you are taking… and to join the dots from there. In this case, you are taking a drug with the well-known side effect of causing severe nausea. These episodes can last for a while and can be reoccurring. We suggest you get a second opinion and request to be put in the care of another Endocrinologist who knows what he/she is talking about.

    • Leslie says:

      I only get these side effects when I eat high fat foods. It goes away as soon as I get that food out of my system.

  8. MJ says:

    My first dose left me extremely sleepy and I didn’t want to eat anything.

  9. Roxanne Fugate says:

    I have been taking Trulicity since January 1, 2016. I have not had any reactions like several of you have had. However, on March 23, 2017, my doctor’s office was running short of nursing and office staff due to the little snowstorm that morning. I did not get to see the doctor I normally see. I got to see the head doctor’s wife. She had closed her office and came down to help her husband. She took one look at me and asked how long had I had the growth on my neck. I had no clue what she was talking about. She said it was a small puffy area that the other side of my neck did not have. She sent me for an ultrasound . The ultrasound shows I have a small nodule on my thyroid. However, my bloodwork shows that my thyroid is working the way it should. My TSH number was excellent. However, I do have an appointment with an endocrinologist very soon. I have taken my last dose of trulicity. I won’t be taking anything until I see my new endocrinologist .
    I had read the cancer warnings but felt since none of my family members have died with cancer, I ignored them. I will take every warning very serious from now on.

    • Geri says:

      Most of us just ignore the warnings of things like cancerous thyroid tumors. We rationalize, “How could they be allowed to put it on the market if it really causes these things?” I’m sorry Roxanne that you took it for so long. I am happy to find this info and to stop taking Trulicity after just 1 dose.

      Martin Hum,
       Thank you for this information. I recently began taking Trulicity. My endocrinologist  prescribed it and said it would help me lose weight. Last night I woke up throwing up concentrated stomach acid. The back of my throat, mouth, and esophagus are still burning even after neutralizing it with baking soda. Do these doctors not know that they are just poisoning us?

      My weight gain over the past few years has been a direct result of diabetes drugs and insulin. I have been prescribed insulin only because no drugs work and most make me sick. Even the insulin doesnt work well. That is why she has me taking Trulicity.

      I have been using Intermittent Fasting and water-fasting to clean-up my insulin resistance. It’s helping … slowly.

      I’d like information on Berberine, high-quality sources, and suggested dosage.  I have read elsewhere to take 500mg. 3 x day. I’d like more info on it and how it works.

      Modern medicine is genocide. Thank you for providing this information. :^)
      Geri from Florida

  10. Sidney says:

    Took one Trulicity injection and that’s the last. I felt dizzy within a few hours and started having severe nausea. I could not move without having dizziness. The only way I could eat was to be perfectly still for a half hour prior to eating. In addition to the severe nausea, which was worse than the morning sickness I had when pregnant. That too was severe but would come and go throughout the day. This nausea never left! Trulicity made me have constant nausea and migraines. I was counting down the days until this horrid med left my system. It took four days before the severe nausea ended and nine days before I started feeling 80% back to normal. I called my doctor after three days to ask for antinausea medicine. The nurse said they couldn’t prescribe anything for it because I didn’t need something else added to my system. She suggested drinking lots of water to flush it out. I do think all of that extra water helped me until that horrid drug got out of my system. Never, ever again. I wish it had been a one day infections to see if it was going to work and to only have the side effects for a shorter period. Do not take this for the first time if you have anything important to do for a week. I had an important lunch meeting four days after taking the first injection and couldn’t eat anything and felt like I had vertigo walking into the building and back out. Could not drive for six days. Do not take this ifv you can find any other treatments. I was put on this med when my insurance stopped paying for Kombiglyze. Note: I started metformin a month before using Trulicity but needed an additional med.

    • Susan says:

      Took first injection of Trulicity on Sunday morning. This is Tuesday. I am sick, sick, sick. Started having palpitations soon after taking. Stomach started hurting just a little. Last night started burping nasty disgusting taste and hiccuping. Started having bad gas pains. Terrible nausea. Up until 3 am. This morning the diarrhea started. My bs was 191 I’m sure due to being stressed from being so sick. Will never take another one.+

  11. Chester says:

    Started on Trulicity in Dec 2016. Have not had any side effects, but thyroid problems run in my family, so Im going to see a different Dr about this Trulicity stuff. I’ve been on Januvia for years now also, and this article is very concerning to me. Also, have been feeling “constricted” in the chest area about once a week.

    I go for my regular checkup in April, so I will wait till then, but in meantime, will get second opinion on this stuff.

    • Geri says:


      I too have experienced that same chest constriction after taking Trulicity.
      Additionally, last month my endocrinologist put me on Tradjenta and Jardiance. I had multiple symptoms from that. The most noticeable being the severe chest constriction.

      Martin: Would this SYMPTOM be a muscular reaction due to dehydration or is it due to effects on the heart?
      [BTW: I have been drinking a gallon – 4 liters – of pure water daily]
      Geri from Florida

  12. Sirat says:

    It is my 10 weeks of taking Trulicity. No side effect or anything whatsoever. I feel great. I have doctor appointment next week with blood works. Then I will know Trulicity really works for me or not.

    Will keep you posted when I see the lab result.

    • debby says:

      How’d your labwork turn out? I just had my first dose of Trulicity and am very curious.

  13. Mary Wilson says:

    I was diagnosed Type 2 1996- NO-ONE either at the time or since said ANYTHING about managing this hellish disease with a view to possibly reversing it, but the attitude was “you’ve got it-live with it”. Among other drugs used was Metformin which caused depletion of Vit. B12 and subsequently severe neuropathy in my hands(useful for a music-teacher I don’t think); no referral to Diabetic/Endocrinology consultant was forthcoming from GP, neither any advice about how to treat neuropathy pain and try to adapt my life accordingly other than Gabapentin which had limited and short lived effect even after I reached optimum dosage. The progress Ihave made has been entirely due to advice from friend studying Dietetics/Nutrition @Edinburgh Uni. Her tutor suggested ALA (Alpha LipoicAcid) and Vit B12 +Folate, and after limited success, I went online to see what else I could find; in USA, ALA being used @ 1800 mg daily-IT WORKS but my GP has neither the time, interest or inclination to advise me as to maintenance dose levels, as never heard of the stuff…..I really do envy anyonewho has a dr. who deserves the courtesy of referral re. Use of supplements-I have yet to find one, and will continue to ‘do it myself’ until one comes out of the woodwork to tell me that they know of and believe in the efficacy of these God-given Gifts……..

    • Cat lemming says:

      thank you for your post you’re one of those truth seekers regarding healthcare and doctors are overworked and quota ruled, but sometimes they just don’t have the knowledge that we hope they would. we are dealing with that issue here as well do continue to post and keep us informed as to what you learn I’m going on my quest here as well and will let all know if there’s something that affects a positive change here. I have heard about BERBERINE I’m not familiar with that but it is a plant. I have been researching the diabetic keto genic diet but I need a nutritionist to administer that is my understanding .

  14. Jen says:

    I started on Trulicity thursday and a day or 2 after injection the back of my neck is aching and so is my body when i sleep if I lay in the same position for a long time. I’ve been tossing and turning all night my husband said. Also I have been feeling super cold and at time hot and usually I’m never cold. Other than that I’m ok I don’t have any nausea or any stomach problems. My md said give it a month for body to adjust to it. I’m okay with not eating too much lmao cause i don’t want to anyways but if I didn’t have the body ache it would be good. I’ve been taking ibuprofen for the ache seems ok. So far so good. My numbers are getting better but also it’s cause I’m not over eatting. I use to want soda now I just drink lots of water for the past few days.

  15. Vivienne says:

    Was on Trulicity in January 2016 , took it 3 weeks and ended up in the ER I had a TIA. A Mimi stroke before taking trulicity no sign or reason for it to happen. ER doctor said he would stop taking it because he had seen several patients where the only thing that was different was trulicity was recently prescribed. A1c 6.4 with diet and exercise no more drugs for me. If I have to take anything going directly on insulin!

  16. Bonita says:

    This drugs sounds like something from the devil. If my doctor ever recommends that I take it, I will definitely fiond another doctor.

  17. Anna Colevas says:

    Was on 500 twice a day. Lost 25 lbs You need to diet and be a little active. Just walking is ok. No side effects but indigestion so I had to watch what I ate. Because I lost weight my a1c went down and then got off of it. Would not go on it again especially after reading reviews, which I am glad I didn’t read before I took it. Just went by what my doctor said . Really trusting , but not everyone has a bad experience. Mine was good. Good luck to all of you. My advice would be to only use the smallest dose of any drug at first.

  18. Sophia says:

    At first my aic was 10.8 but after three mths it went down to 5.4 my doctor started me on 2000mg of metformin plus 25 units of insulin. I stop myself off the insulin. Went back to her my numbers were great she said she was impressed with my numbers but then she started me on trulicity along with the metformin still 2000mg.I started to lack energy appitetie everything in the books go back to her she said that I should take 1000mg of metformin along with the trulicity.had yo end up going to another doctor he stop me immediately off the metformin had me to some blood work now my creatine is very high, but seeing these comments I sm taking myself off the trulicity until I see my doctor next week.

  19. Ron says:

    I have just started taking Trulicity on Sat. 01/14/2017 and feel pretty good so far. Struggled with diarrhea on Metformin and Victoza just stopped working after a year or so.

    Only time will tell so I will post an update in 3 months or sooner if needed.

    • Linda says:

      I took my second Trulicity dose today. I’ve not had any of the stomach problems so far and for the first time, I’m seeing real change in my numbers. Doctor also switched me from Levemir to Tresiba and I am impressed with the changes. So far so good!

  20. Shane Miller says:

    Took one shot in July Doctor prescribed it for a weekly dosage. Went to pharmacy to fill prescription found out insurance did not cover cost. I asked how much out of pocket it’s $700 DOLLARS PER MONTH. So I didn’t take it can’t afford it. So I just did followup with the Doctor. My A1C was over 13 in July it’s now at 9.6 I stayed with my original medication Inokavonamet. Doctor increased the dosage on that med too. He assumed I was taking the Trulicity when he saw the A1C results. He was quite giddy and happy with my progress. When I told him I was not taking the Trulicity at all his demeanor became quite angry and aggressive. He said that he prescribed this medicine Trulicity specifically for my “needs”. I suspect that Trulicity is providing big kickbacks to doctors who prescribed this to their patients. Doctors now are so quick to whip out their prescription pad instead of giving dietary, natural, or exercise advice. Corrupt doctors care more about getting their pockets full from big pharms.

  21. Dee says:

    I switched from Bydurean because of the stomach problems it was causing. With Trulicity I had a severe headache on day a week, every week I was on the med. Worse than any migraine I’ve ever had, complete with uncontrolled vomiting. I had never had a headache so bad before and have not had one since stopping it. I still have a months worth of meds and have been to scared of it to take it. I’d loose my job if I had to be out 1 day a week due to a side effect. This is crazy!

  22. Pauline Saiz says:

    Stated Trulicity on Friday and the next day (Saturday) woke up with a very upset stomach so far for three days I have only eaten Applesauce, noodle soup, water and tea not vomiting but the worst nausea I have ever had in my life. I have only taken one shot and am really thinking I am done with this drug. I have had diabetes for 26 years and have taken insulin all my life this is the first time trying something new but I think I was better off with insulin daily than this stuff. Not to mention a months supply is 400.00 a month. I feel like we are all Guinea Piggs for this drugs…so disappointed with my doctor now I know she is not caring about my health if she knows how the side effects can really hurt us and still be prescribing it.

  23. Yana says:

    It beats me why people are so fast to take all these drugs when there is an Alternative to everything they dish out. Look up the results people get taking Berberine and even Cordyceps for Diabetes. Do the research online and see what you think. Doesn’t hurt to try and anything is better than the pharmaceuticals which are not meant to heal anyone. If they heal you then they are out of business!! Its all about money, not saving your life.

    I am borderline and my Endocrinologist knows I do not take the drugs! I look for alternatives and she suggested 2/400 mg Chromium and 2/1,000 mg of Cinnamon everyday. Then I did the research and have found excellent results using Berberine and now Cordyceps. The latter is also an excellent for cancer patients. Cordyceps have healing powers and they are no starting to use them for their true purpose.

    My husbands cancer doctor urged him to strengthen his immune system with Vitamins and Supplements and I found one that actually has Cordyceps in it….Alive Max 3. Now there’s something to write home about!!

  24. MiMi says:

    What about turmeric?

  25. MiMi says:

    I’ve taken my first shot on Saturday 10.1.16. The expected diarrhea but fine for the rest of the weekend until Tuesday. Ate breakfast and everything was all good. Are lunch and knew I wouldn’t be able to 31st much. All healthy choices. Stated having the sulphur burps. The only other timrs I’ve experienced them is when I would get “car sick” as a kid. Always thought it was the result of stale, travel junk good. Read up and found gastroparesis but knew that my symptom could only be the result of the meds causing my good to digest much slower than normal. So made sure to drink lots of water but really didn’t want to eat. No severe pain just heaviness. Burped all day though. Finally passed this morning 10.5.16 I’ll be making sure to follow all meals with extra water and tea ginger. Please note that I am also on Janumet. Back on meds to stabilize sugar and get down to size. Still a but frightened though of the effects of the shot but Janumet has always been a good option for me in terms of side effects. Of trulicity is so bad why are doctors recommending it? When others take it are you guys flushing your system daily. Let me know if what I’m doing to maintain a healthy balance with the drug is worth it of you guys have tried similar methods.

  26. Tamika says:

    OMG!!! I’m not surprised about the comments i’m reading about this injection Trulicity. I have been having bad stomach problems since taking trulicity for about 5 months now and just realized i had to go back to the day when i first started taking it, when i got back sick on last night and looked at my symptoms i was having. I never had rashes on my legs, nor itching like crazy are stomach problems with vomiting, diarrhea and the nasty sulphur burps and more. Sad, but true i’m back on my way to the Dr. again for the same reason. This medicine is not good at all!!!!

  27. Michael Carter says:

    After taking Trulicity for 6 weeks, I lost a lot of weight (12 pounds) and blood sugar was reasonable (~112), but also had severe diarrhea, stomach cramps, muscle aches, fatigue, increased creatinine (1.39), and a decreased GFR (52). I stopped taking it 3 weeks ago, and still have some muscle aches, fatigue, cramps, and diarrhea, but not nearlyas bad. I am waiting a bit to re-run the kidney numbers which I hope are better. The weight loss has stopped, but the blood sugar numbers are even better now (~104).

    The Trulicity was NOT a good medication, at least for me. Too many side effects, and apparent renal toxicity.

    • Jhon says:

      I was in the same boat, I felt very fatigued and was thinking something else was going on – no appetite, nauseated, feeling sleepy, acid reflux, heart beat increase, anxious and all – no more words to describe. I went to my primary provider – he was thinking that I have anxiety creating all these problems. FInally, I stopped taking the medication and got my life back. Did not work for me

  28. Pam says:

    Had my first Trulicity shot yesterday. How long does it normally take for the side effects to kick in? How long do they last? I have back issues and lots of other health issues so I’m not sure which symptoms are related to the Trulicity. Have seen some very positive reviews so I want to give this med a fair chance.

    • Daniel L. Taylor Sr. says:

      Avoid taking this poison! I have been going through hell for the past year because of it. I was feeling fine when my doctor put me on Trulicity. Dr. also had me on Januvia. I should have never been put on Trulicity. Warnings for people with gird, which I have, but was under control with medication. I now have chronic fatigue and stomach pain. Felt fine before I took Trulicity.

    • Brenda says:

      My mom is 84 and is on Trulicity and doing well. She has back pain too, but it has not increased since she has been getting the weekly injection. She appears to be fine, but I am going to request a full exam of her kidneys, liver and pancreas just to be safe. What works for some does not work for all, that is the down side to medications. I trust that it will be work well for you. 10/10/2016

  29. James says:

    My father has been taking trulicity for a while for his diabetes. He lost alot of weight and has experienced every side effect including renal failure. His is now currently in the hospital with his kidneys in duress, his liver in duress, and they found out he now has prostate cancer. And this was a guy who just 8 months ago was fat but happy and healthy.

  30. Kim Cosby says:

    I was prescribed Tanzeum by my family physician.
    I was a pre-diabetic. I gave myself a shot a week for 5 week on the 5th shot the next day I felt like I had the flu and started getting a rash. I went to my family dr and he gave me a steroid shot. I never got any better in fact my legs got weaker and I could hardly walk. By the 3rd day I went to the hospital. I was admitted into the ICU with my BP at 56/47 and blood sugar at 500, my bodily functions were shutting down.
    I was in ICU for 2 days and the dr said I had medical induced lupus & my platelets were 27000. I was in the hospital a week!!

    • robin bates says:

      I’m just wondering if anybody knows if there’s a lawsuit on trulicity my boyfriend after the third day of taking it he went on to DKA he was hospitalized in ICU for 2 days in the hospital for a total of 5

  31. Paul says:

    First trulicity 2 days ago. How can something make you so ill and be good for you? Also dosent work….. Come back insulin all is forgiven.

  32. End Garner says:

    Dr. Hum – –
    What are the long term effects of Trulicity. If it was only administered for 3 months ending in February 2016, what happens now? It feels like it doesn’t want to leave the body.
    What is the antidote to remove the chemical from the body after it is lodged in body systems. Which body systems are affected and where is it stored by the body?
    After over 20 falls, no one’s body can take the punishment of head, neck and spine injuries. Falling face first caused the same damage as a whiplash car accident, so what now can be done to correct and restore health? There was teriffic weight loss and now glucose levels fluctuate wildly between high and low.
    Please reply to my email.
    Thanks and keep up the good reporting work – – –

  33. Dianne Heininger says:

    I was prescribed Trulicity in early March. I took one shot each week. On April 19, 2016, I woke up with a day long, severe headache. The next day I was running errands and while driving, I blacked out momentarily while trying to park my car. Instead of braking, I put my foot on the gas, gunning the motor and ran up onto a huge rock. I did not recall this until I heard someone yelling at me to not try to backup, to just put my car in park. I did $6,000 damage to my car. I spent 5 days in the hospital. An ER nurse told me, when hearing my medication list, I was the third patient to present with an episode of syncope while on Trulicity.

  34. Angelo says:

    After taking this medication {Trulicity} I had thought I had ate something bad. It gave me diarrhea, bad Sulphur burps, bloat, indigestion. I had uncontrollable diarrhea while sleeping. Back ache, joint aches, tired weak and really bad gas. Cant trust the FDA any more. This is a medication that the FDA should take first and see for them selves what they are doing to its people. It’s all about money. safety is no longer an issue for the FDA. This stuff is poison and the FDA knows it.

  35. Ithought I had food poisoning my Doctor who specialize in diabetes had me take trulicity with Victoza threw up all night long had severe pain in my stomach and in my back end up passing out end up in the hospital enzymes way up over 2000 had to have my gallbladder removed and put on antibiotics and know food or surgery until the inflammation and infection had subsided I was in hospital for 6 days and five nights my family doctor said it was probably due to the trulicity victoza toxic combination.

  36. Bill Rosauer says:

    I have been taking Trulicity since last fall, and I became violently ill with diarrhea and vomiting in November. I thought I had a case of food poisoning. I ended up in the hospital the day before Thanksgiving with severe dehydration having passed out in my doctor’s office with low blood pressure (under 70). For weeks, I was getting sick every week and in addition to my regular doctor, went to a Gasto Enterologist. Did numerous tests, blood, etc. including a CAT scan and they found nothing. They told me they were stumped.
    I started feeling better mid-January, but I had another diarreah/vomitting incident a few weeks ago.
    Last week, I noticed the Trulicity ad on TV and listened to the side effects and I thought, that sounds just like what I had. The light bulb went off and I did a little more research and stopped taking the drug. I had experienced every adverse reaction listed. I was taking the injection on Sunday and getting sick every week on Monday or Tuesday. I spoke to my doctor and we will be doing more tests to see if I have any other ill effects from taking Trulicity. I hope not, but I’m glad I realized what was causing my “mystery illness”. How dangerous is this drug? Very scared that it has done permanent damage to me.

    • Bob says:

      Bill- It is a real pity that you had to watch a tv commercial to diagnose what should have been intuitive.

    • robin bates says:

      my boyfriend went in to DKA after the first shot took it on Wednesday went in to DKA on that Saturday, was hospitalized in an ICU for 2 days hospital for a total of 4… this drug should be banned and not be used it could kill somebody

  37. Casey says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. My father recently suffered a sudden and unexpected death and my family is convinced it is due to his recent prescription of Trulicity. Any and all information we can get our hands on at this point helps!

  38. linda angle says:

    where and how do i get berberine? do u eat it or is it a supplement like a vitamin? litarally i have never heard of it. also i was just given trulicity and i do feel a little nauseated but i have only had one injection. but the worse is the headache its unbearable! i was having a lot of lows in the morning so thats when my endo dr changed me from novalog but left me with the lantus. i am thinking of controlling my diabetes with diet and excercise. do u have any ideas for other options as i am sterring clear of the trulicity?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment. Berberine is easy to find in many health food stores and also from reputable online sources.

  39. Susan says:

    If berberine acts the same way as Trulicity, how do we know it won’t have the same long term effects. Has this been tested ?

    • admin says:

      The statements made in our articles can all be backed by research and references to the research are listed at the bottom of each article. Please refer to the reference at the bottom of the article, which will answer your question: 1. Zhang Q, Xiao X1, Li M, Li W, Yu M, Zhang H, Ping F, Wang Z, Zheng J. Berberine moderates glucose metabolism through the GnRH-GLP-1 and MAPK pathways in the intestine. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2014; 14:188.

      • Susan says:

        I have stage 2 ckd caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. Can I take berberine without worrying it will cause further kidney disease?

        • MartinHum says:

          I’m afraid that we can’t advise on individual health issues and in fact there hasn’t been enough human research carried out with berberine to answer your question with any degree of confidence. Studies with rats and mice, though, suggest that berberine could have a protective effect against kidney damage.

  40. I was just started on Trulicity along with Glyxambi. I am on my second week and I feel absolutely horrible. I am nauseous all the time, I can’t eat or sleep, have this weird feeling on my skin where I itch like crazy, I can’t sleep, and I feel as if I spend my day in a sleep. It is at its worse right after the weekly injection of the trulicity but it seems to get worse every morning after my dose of Glyxambi.

    Now I am getting scared… my blood sugar levels are okay but with these stomach pains and awful symptoms, will they ever go away??? will I get used to it??? I did already drop some pounds but feeling like this I don’t know if it is worth it… Thanks for your time…


    • Robin Potter says:

      Please be careful. I was placed on Victoza and was losing weight (good) plus it was affecting my levels. The dr increased the dosage and I end echo in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction. I was told to never take this again or risk death.