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Martin Hum, PhD DHDMartinRefined
Contributing Editor

Martin Hum PhD, DHD, is a qualified nutritional therapist with 20 years’ experience, who has written on health and nutrition issues for national magazines and has been a regular contributor to Agora Health’s newsletters for many years. He also appeared on television in the documentary series “Get Well Soon”, which explored the role of natural therapies in preventing and treating illness. He is a past Chairman of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), an independent educational charity and the UK’s leading training institute for nutritional therapists.

Martin first became interested in nutrition and health in the 1970s, while studying agricultural zoology at university. He realised that farmers were adept at keeping their livestock healthy by adjusting their feed and wondered why the same approach could not apply to humans. He went on to investigate human dietary evolution and the link between food and longevity, before training as a nutritional therapist.

In his private practice, Martin advised clients with a wide range of health concerns, during which he gained a detailed appreciation of the importance of blood sugar control and the role of the hormone insulin in many aspects of human health. In particular, he was able to use cutting edge research findings to help people with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome. Martin was an early proponent of the low carbohydrate diet as a therapeutic approach.

Martin now devotes his time to writing articles and raising public awareness of the link between nutrition and health.

Rachael2Rachael Linkie, Managing Editor
Agora Health 

Rachael Linkie is the Managing Editor for Agora Health Ltd, which is dedicated to bringing its members news about the very latest advances in natural medicine each month that can address a wide range of debilitating conditions from diabetes, arthritis and heart disease to high blood pressure, depression and migraines.

Her best-selling books include: Pain-Free Forever – the 157 most powerful natural pain relief remedies on the planet; Super Foods for a Super Healthy You – Unleash the secret healing power of Nature’s ultimate foods; The Age-Defying Handbook – 139 sure-fire ways to look and feel fabulous whatever your age.

Francois1Francois Lubbe, Senior Web Content Editor
Agora Health

Francois Lubbe is a native South African whose passion for alternative medicine was fuelled from a very early age.

Growing up with hereditary heart disease, he had the misfortune of being used as a ‘guinea pig’ in the testing of pharmaceuticals still in the process of being developed. His first-hand experience of the damaging side-effects linked to many prescription drugs encouraged him to explore natural alternatives. Francois has been the Editor for Agora Health’s Daily Health e-newsletter which boasts a daily circulation of over 170,000 since 2008.

Today, he firmly believes the individual should be aware of all the treatment options available – both conventional and alternative – in order to make an informed choice when it comes to their healthcare.

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