Silver Nanoparticles Could Help Foot Ulcers Heal

| October 4, 2016

Diabetic foot ulcers are one of the nastiest complications of diabetes and cause more hospitalisations than any other. They can take a long time to heal with conventional treatment and in some cases they could lead to the foot having to be amputated. But now researchers have discovered that a solution containing microscopic particles of silver kills the bacteria that cause ulcers to become infected, even when antibiotics don’t work.

The damage to nerves and blood vessels that diabetes causes means that small wounds or blisters might not heal as they should and may develop into ulcers. These open wounds are very prone to infection by bacteria. In addition, damaged blood vessels may not be able to supply enough oxygen and nutrients to the foot tissues, which could die, causing gangrene and making amputation essential.

Silver is well known to be antibacterial. Silver-impregnated wound dressings are regularly used in hospitals, for diabetic foot ulcers and for other wounds and burns. But the effectiveness of these dressings may be limited because the silver they contain doesn’t always penetrate deeply enough into a wound to completely ward off any infection. The development of tiny nanoparticles of silver, which are incorporated into a liquid for spraying onto wounds, allows the silver to be delivered where it is needed – even being carried inside body cells.

The new, four-year study was carried out in Mexico, with more than 100 patients hospitalised with serious, non-healing diabetic foot ulcers. Six months of treatment with antibiotics and standard kinds of wound dressings had proved useless in helping these patients. But the researchers showed that regular use of a silver nanoparticle spray helped heal the majority of ulcers in just three months and dramatically reduced the number of amputations needed, from 70 per cent of cases to around 10 per cent.1

This silver nanoparticle breakthrough, called Nagsil Dermo, was developed in Mexico and is unlikely to be available elsewhere in the world until the usual formalities of testing and approval have been carried out. As always, though, prevention is better than cure. If you have diabetes, you need to follow a regular routine to help prevent foot ulcers from forming and to spot any potential problems early. In my next blog post, I’ll tell you how to do this.

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1. Evitan amputaciones de pie diabético con nanopartículas de plata. Investigación y Desarrollo. 2016 Aug 28.

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