Category: Diet and Exercise

Resveratrol Makes Gut Bugs Produce Antidiabetic Compounds

| March 29, 2017 | Comments (0)

As I mentioned in an earlier post here, the bacteria we carry in our gut play a crucial role in our metabolic health. The beneficial kinds could lower the risk of type 1 diabetes, while helping to prevent chronic inflammation and insulin resistance, regulate blood sugar levels and support healthy immune function. Kinds of plant […]

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High-Fat Ketogenic Diet Helps Combat Diabetes Risk Factors

| March 15, 2017 | Comments (0)

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post here, scientists at Newcastle University showed in 2011 that a very low calorie diet – a mere 600 calories a day – can restore insulin production in the pancreas and reverse insulin resistance, in people with type 2 diabetes. But 600 calories a day is, in effect, […]

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How The Sugar Mafia Stitched Up Fat

| March 10, 2017 | Comments (0)

The UK’s public health minister, Nicola Blackwood, who is in charge of the Government’s childhood obesity strategy, was given a rough ride when she faced the Commons Health Committee last month. Not surprisingly. One in every three 10-year-olds is now obese or overweight and the UK has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity […]

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Fructose Linked To Liver Disease In Children

| March 6, 2017 | Comments (0)

It has been known for some years that consuming too much fructose, the soft drinks industry’s favourite sweetener, can cause obesity, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease. As I explained here, our bodies treat fructose very differently from the way they handle glucose, shunting it directly to the liver, where it gets converted into […]

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More Good Reasons For Avoiding Aspartame

| December 31, 2016 | Comments (0)

The artificial sweetener aspartame can be found in the sugar substitutes Nutra-Sweet, Canderel and Hermesetas, as well as more than 6,000 food products, including diet drinks, low-calorie yoghurts, sugar-free chewing gum and even potato crisps and cooking sauces. It is also used in some medications and nutritional supplements. But, as I explained in my last […]

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Aspartame Artificial Sweetener Can Cause Weight Gain

| December 27, 2016 | Comments (0)

At this time of year, many of us are thinking about New Year Resolutions. And for some, that will include making an effort to lose a few (or more) extra pounds. Swapping sugar for a no-calorie sweetener may seem an obvious step in the right direction. But regular readers of The Real Diabetes Truth will […]

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Cut Out Diet Fizzy Drinks To Lose Weight?

| November 12, 2016 | Comments (0)

With so many people now overweight or obese, it is not surprising that the fizzy drinks market is flooded with ‘diet’ and ‘zero’ versions of popular beverages. But if you think that switching from a sugar-sweetened drink to one of these low-calorie or calorie-free options is going to help you lose weight or control your […]

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Coca Cola And Pepsi Found To Fund 100 US Health Groups

| November 8, 2016 | Comments (0)

Study after study has confirmed that carbonated fizzy drinks, like those manufactured by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are a major cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The World Health Organisation, as well as governments of countries around the globe, have called for sugar-sweetened fizzy drinks to be taxed, as a part of efforts to reduce […]

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How Fructose Can Cause Type 2 Diabetes

| October 25, 2016 | Comments (1)

I have made my thoughts clear several times on The Real Diabetes Truth about the role of sugar, and in particular fructose, in driving the massive global epidemic of type 2 diabetes. A year ago, I wrote here about a study that showed sugar triggers metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance – not because it causes […]

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Wheat Could Be Your Worst Enemy

| August 6, 2016 | Comments (0)

These days, most people in western cultures eat a wheat-based diet. Often, every meal and snack contains wheat in some form or another. In addition to bread, breakfast cereals, pasta and all those other wheat products, thousands of processed foods contain added gluten, a protein complex isolated from wheat. It’s bad news for people with […]

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